Book Club

Reading is one major aspect which plays a role towards thisachievement. Books and reading material has served their purpose throughout thehistory of mankind and they continue to hold that special place in the futureas well.

ReadersShoppe has won a special place among book lovers withour different approach, the variety of books offered and the unmatched passionin establishing reading as a major goal. We are presenting a new concept to ourreaders - ReadersShoppe Book Club. Through this we are aiming at inculcatingand nurturing reading habits in young and the old alike.

Terms and Conditions:

  • ReadersShoppe Club Membership fee is Rs.500(Indian Rupees Five Hundred Only). Membership period is valid for 3 years fromthe Membership Date.
  • During the 3 year membership period of, eachyear the member can choose books worth Rs.250 from the collection, free ofcost. Total Book value of Free Books over 3 years will total to Rs.750
  • Membership can be renewed after 3 years byremitting the membership fee of Rs.500.
  • No Discounts will be applicable when redeemingthe Rs.250 Book Club member voucher. Voucher redemption is based on MRPonly.