Books for installments

Our Vision

Books are a very rich source of knowledge. Over the years through the advent of World Wide Web, reading habit has reduced substantially. One main reason is the accessibility of the books and the cost. We are looking at bridging the gap by providing an opportunity to pay in installment for books. Logos reading club looking accomplishing the motto- ‘Books for everyone’. Let there be more goodness in the world by reading good books:

  1. Fill in the application form and pay an annual fees of Rs.20/ per year.
  2. Discounts and other benefits are not applicable to books given in installment.
  3. Logos book club members can also be part of this scheme. But they cannot avail the benefits of book club offers.
  4. The entire amount can be split in 3 installment in the ratio 40:30:30. For eg, if the cost is Rs.1000, payment will be Rs.400 as advance and, Rs.300, in 2 installments.
  5. Installment Scheme is applicable only to books above Rs.500.
  6. For an order of Rs.5000 or above there will be facility to pay in 6 or more installments.
  7. The amount can be paid as account transfer, DD or cheque. Some book stalls across Kerala will also function as Payment centers.
  8. The books can be ordered either online or through phone call.

There is nothing like holding the book and going through the pages while reading. Hope this venture can help you in enjoying your books to the fullest extent possible.