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  • Copy Editing
  • Title Creation


Cover Design

  • Illustrations
  • Image Insertions


  • Data Entry
  • Page Layout
  • Proof Reading

International Standard Book Number (ISBN) Services

Best Reach:
ReadersShoppe.com's distribution network is not just well-connected but efficient too. Our accuracy rates are at par with the industry standard.

Our expertise helps our publishers keep titles in-stock, while allowing them to manage print runs in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Title Marketing and Consultation:
We offer product consultation including feedback on cover designs, price points, and other physical attributes of books, as well as advice on how and where to market your titles effectively.

Data Management & Reporting:
Our data management team is committed to the integrity of the information we provide to our publisher partners. We feature an array of reporting options, all fully confidential.

Our sales force consists of national accounts representatives, field representatives, inside sales, specialty and gift sales, and a full team of commissioned sales representatives. They are a passionate bunch with a love for books.

Digital Asset Management and Distribution | When we say "full service" at ReadersShoppe.com, we mean it. We offer a full suite of digital distribution options for your content to find its way into the hands of readers, in any format.