About Us

Established in February 2015, ReadersShoppe.com, is the subsidiary online venture of Logos Books Private Limited. At ReadersShoppe.com, reading is one of the life’s greatest pleasures that open the door to culture, knowledge and independence. Through reading, the individual knowledge base is enhanced, intellect sharpened and misconceptions windswept. Enhancing reading habit is definitely a great move in the right direction for developing a good society. Books can bring lasting benefits, help bond families and transform lives; books and reading improve social and emotional well-being.

We start at the earliest possible age because children who have an early introduction to books shall help them in many ways; educationally, socially, culturally and emotionally. We endeavor to promote the reading habit of the society. 

Vision & Mission:

Our vision is to establish a one stop avenue for the book lovers, readers and writers by providing the best services and ensure the availability of books and accessories for all and everywhere.

Our mission is to establish ‘reading’ as a custom among the society, especially the students.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

As a part of our CSR, we host a green initiative program named gforgreen.in which has been incorporated for educating the people about the importance of planting trees. The slogan is ‘Plant a tree for every book you read’.